Your “thing”

I have a friend who gets up early every morning and she runs. She’s a runner. I like this about her. She’s focused and disciplined and authentic too. She’s probably one of my very best friends.

Myself, I am not a runner. I often tell people that I don’t run unless I’m being chased and even then, I’d probably try to talk some sense into whomever is wanting to chase me first. (Probably not wise, I admit.)

Nevertheless I keep TRYING to be a runner. I keep buying the stuff I’d need; the shoes, the iPod holder, the clothing. Sadly, I can’t buy the motivation or the desire to actually get out there and run. I have gone out a few times. I considered asking people to run with me, add a layer of accountability but each time I do that I realize I need to have someone at my own slug level or I just feel crappy asking them to slow down or even power walk…um, okay, saunter.

Here’s the thing I realize about exercise-

If you don’t LIKE to do it…even on some very deep level…. the likelihood that you’ll make it a habit is low. It’s not impossible, it does happen. I know a great many people who began an exercise program, hated it and then grew to love it. This does happen. I’d suggest, though, that it was more likely that they let their disdain get out of the way long enough to discover something new about THEMSELVES. It’s empowering to stick with something and make that discovery.

That being said. Not all of us are meant to be runners. Not all of us are kick boxers. Not all of us are Zumba lovers.

It’s okay. It really is okay.

This doesn’t mean that you will not ever have some sort of movement or exercise program you’ll love (or learn to love.) It only means that perhaps you haven’t found your “thing.” The tragedy isn’t in the discovery that a program isn’t your thing….the real tragedy is that we stop TRYING to find our thing.

Consider this…you have favorite foods, favorite movies, favorite songs…does it have to be your favorite forever? No, of course not. But while you loved it you loved it well. Now, if you never found a food, a movie or a song that you loved, would that be alright with you? So why not apply the same thinking to movement?

Let your resolution this year NOT be to

-lose weight

-get in shape

-have thinner thighs

Let your resolution this year if you don’t have a way of moving you like (or love) to be to try something new. Just try something. See if you can find your “thing” over the course of time.


One Comment to “Your “thing””

  1. “…asking them to, okay, saunter.” Yeah, you get me. Good stuff, girl. I’ll keep tuning in.

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