Love the one you’re with…

I like exercising at home. It’s convenient and I’m a little lazy, I admit. I’ve been a devotee of home exercise DVDs since before there were DVDs. At one time I think I owned pretty much everything Tamilee Webb ever made. She’s so perky. I like her.

So my question to you is this, if you like home exercise DVDs…do you look like the person on the outer cover? I mean, do you have the muscles? The clothing? The smile on her face?

Yeah, me neither.

Do you know why?

It’s because more than likely the person on the cover of that DVD you love does this for a living. This is his or her’s job. But the rest of us? This is not our job. Most of us sit at a desk or chase small children or instruct other people’s children or stand at a big espresso machine asking “foam or no foam?” all day. For most of us, our jobs do not depend on having muscles on our muscles.

That being said, our jobs do depend on us being able to show up to do them every day and so for that reason I’m going to tell you that it’s important you keep at that exercise program or DVD you love. You wanna kickbox with Billy Blanks?


You love Buns of Steel?


Now, because I want you to keep at it I’m giving you a piece of really important advice- do the workout because you like the workout not because you want the body on the cover of the DVD.

Friends, that’s not your body on the cover of the DVD and I can promise you that the person on that DVD did not GET that body simply by doing that workout a couple of times a week. That person has to work as hard as any of us at it. The big deal difference is that this person’s living depends on them being in top physical form.

This being said, maybe you DO already have a body like the one on the cover of the DVD and if you do then I salute you! Well done!! You rock!  I know that you work hard or that perhaps you have amazing genes. Even so, love the body you got not the one you wish you had or the one that your spin instructor has or the one that the buff barista next to you has…love the body you came with, it’s the only one you get.



2 Comments to “Love the one you’re with…”

  1. Well said. Maybe this means I’m finally okay with my body since after spending countless $$ on return shipping fees I’ve pledged to stop ordering from Helloooo … the clothes are not what makes the models in the catalogue look that way!!

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