Daily Juice: Black Cherry Espresso Smoothie

It’s been a long day, folks. I took all four of my children with me to the DMV first and then to the Aquarium immediately following. I wanted a pick me up but coffee didn’t sound great. I know, in THEORY I’m supposed to juice something really savory but you know what? My body said, “gimme sumthin sweet, baby…” and I said, “ok, body…you got it”  I talk to myself like that.

For that reason I got out my trusty Blendtec and whipped us up a sweet little sumthin’ sumthin.

Black Cherry/Almond Milk Espresso Smoothie

1 Cup Frozen Black Cherries
2 shots Espresso (or 1/2 cup brewed coffee)
4-6oz Vanilla Almond Milk
2 tsp chocolate sauce OR make your own using sweetened cocoa powder and water with a little sugar.
Crushed Ice


Always place liquids into your blender first followed by frozen cherries. Blend until smooth. Add crushed ice to get to the correct consistency.

Serving Size: Makes 14-16oz

You can find the nutritional deets HERE at Sparkpeople….try it out.


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