What’s your Wuthering Heights food?

Everyone has a Wuthering Heights food. If they don’t they ought to.

If you haven’t read the book then get thee right now to a library and read it. Go now. I’ll wait.

Right then, where was I? Yes, your Wuthering Heights food.  This is your Heathcliff, not your Healthcliff. It’s the one food you simply cannot resist. You know it’s bad for you. You know it can never love you the way you need to be loved, the way that keeps you truly happy and contented. You know it will probably kill you over time but you just cannot stay away.  No matter how you try to love Kale as much as you love as deep-fried Twinkies you know it will never hit your sweet spot, don’t you?

Yeah, well…I say, there’s a place in our lives for making crappy food choices. Sometimes a little leeway in this area is actually healthy, at least on an emotional level.  The more we deny ourselves something downright delicious once in a while in the name of “fitness” the more we build up resentment and anger….and then WE become Heathcliff- dark, bitter and brooding. See how that works?

So, my advice, Drama Free folks…eat the deep-fried Twinkie once in a while when it crosses your path but don’t seek out the deep-fried Twinkie. In the long run, that Kale is always going to love you better.


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