Oh, the pain…

Alright, I know I try to keep it light around here and to date I’ve been all about loving on you and helping you to love on yourself as you navigate the conflicting culture markers of “being healthy” and “being normal.”  Today, though, I want to talk about pain.

You got it. I got it. We all got it.

When you read that what exactly came to mind for you? When you think about your body pain do you nod your head and say, “yes…it’s here in my knee” or “yikes, my back gets wonky all the time” or even “well, my stomach hurts a lot.”

It should come as no shock that we carry emotions and stressors in our bodies. We’re not machines. We’re bounteous, lovely gardens. We’re walking ecosystems all up in here. What happens in your heart happens in your head and in your muscles and in your knees. At least one part of your body is the scapegoat, the place it will carry chronic pain.

When I talk about chronic pain I’m not referring to that time you fell down and broke your leg but I may be referring to the fact that when things are really stressy for you, that leg hurts still, long after the injury has healed. Not all chronic pain is “stress induced” but today let’s just ask ourselves, “what if my chronic pain IS stress induced.” There’s no harm in asking ourselves is there?

If it is a result of stress, know that your body picked this spot to broadcast your stress for a reason. It’s not because it thinks this is the weakest link but because at first, at least, your body is protecting you. It chooses a part of your body that it knows you will hear, whether you choose to LISTEN to it is another thing altogether.

Here’s the thing-

We love our pain. We don’t like to think that we have attachments to it or that we have woven it into our identity so well that we often don’t know that it’s not really a part of our design. We have all kinds of excuses as to why we have it and in our heads, my friends, we also have excuses as to why we NEED it. Think about your pain. Where is it? What’s your reasoning on why it occurs? Why THERE? Why NOW? What does it DO for you? What would it look like if this was not part of your story? What would you put in its place?

Let me be really clear, I am NOT saying that your pain isn’t real. It is real. It does hurt you. What I’m hoping today is that you can gain an awareness of your chronic pain, that you can start having a little conversation with it throughout the day. Take note of when you feel that twinge in your back. What’s going on? How you feeling in your sweet lovely heart? What’s going on at work? What’s going on at home?

When the chronic pain surfaces just take a minute to see if you can breathe it out a little. See if you can have that little conversation with your self, offer your self some care, some understanding. See if you can listen a little better today to that body and give it what it really needs.


One Comment to “Oh, the pain…”

  1. Ahhh Angela. It is said so well.”What does it profit you to hold onto this pain?” Great insight. I learned this when I took Myofascial Release Therapy and Spiritual Care at the same time (5years ago) and became an active therapist.. What a “God send”, literally. I pray more will give themselves permission to feel the pain, to be in a safe place with a safe therapist, (or alone), so they can go through the pain, and that they give themselves permission to release the pain. It’s a constant thing that we need to do. I try to take time to do this every day 😉

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