Course Correction….

For some people it’s that 5-10 pounds. It keeps coming and going, like a wandering relative who shows up at the worst possible time and sticks around way too long. For others, the “weight struggle” is 20 pounds, 40 pounds, more. Whatever the size of your struggle or your jeans a lot can be said for looking at your current course.

I’m talking about that sit down with yourself moment where you take a look at where you’ve been and plot out where you think you might be going.

Remember Algebra? This is why you were forced to learn it, unless you’re a mathematician in real life, maybe it had another benefit too, but for the rest of us, this is why. In Algebra based upon the data you were working with you were then given coordinates. On that awesome graphing paper you were asked to find the x and the y axis’ remember that? You’d then plot out the data on the graph, making dots with that Number 2 pencil. You might then be asked to draw a line to project where you expect the line to go, if all things remained constant.

That’s the course.

For your “data” I’d like you to look at these factors…In the last 5 years write down HISTORICALLY- how you eat, why you eat, when you eat. How you move, when you move, why you move. How do you care for yourself? How do you punish yourself?

Has anything changed significantly for you in that time? Loss of work, loved one, dream? Gain of work, loved one, dream?  What life factors have had an influence on you health-wise?

What else comes into play in your normal person, health data? Illness? Love language? Family of Origin? Happiness? Whatever seems important to note, make note of that. It’s especially interesting to see if you can remember a basic EMOTION around these events, this data.

What is YOUR course?  Where have you been? What are your coordinates? Is your Number 2 pencil sharp? Remember, do not look on your neighbor’s paper…nobody’s experience is EXACTLY like yours. Your graph will reflect you and you alone.

Once you know where you’ve been, what your current “course” looks like you can start to figure out what needs shifting and sifting in you. If your course is generally good and healthy and you’ve gained a little weight you can look at that data and have an idea of why or how it happened, you can decide if that’s okay with you or if it isn’t, what you will do to correct the course. Once we take the numbers and the data out of our heads and start to see it in another form we can wrap our arms around it, we can identify with it without making it our identity. We can take back our lives, take the wheel again if we’ve been on autopilot for a while. We can take ownership of this vessel. We are the Love Boat, not the Battleship. We are the captains of our souls!


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