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February 28, 2012


For a number of people the early Spring brings with a time of “fasting” for religious reasons. For others the “fast” is more for physical reasons, warmer weather is coming and those short sleeves and pants are making cranky noises from within your closet, aren’t they?

Personally, I follow a religious tradition which offers up a time of fasting, 40 days give or take, during which I will basically eat like a vegan. It’s a sacrifice because although I can live for months without meat products for the most part I love cheese and eggs. A lot. A whole lot.  Add to that the fact that my cooking repertoire is already limited, this season can add a layer of cranky to my otherwise sunny disposition.

Whether you are fasting this spring for faith reasons or to clean out the winter body blues you are going to run up against some sacrifice.

The word, ‘sacrifice’ shows up with this definition first:

 The act of offering something to a deity in propitiation or homage, especially the ritual slaughter of an animal or a person.

Lucky for you, we’re not talking about that kind of sacrifice today. The next definition is more fitting I’d say:

Forfeiture of something highly valued for the sake of one considered to have a greater value or claim.

As you start down the path to a detox or a prayerful fast I want you to take notice of some things to start connecting the dots between what you eat (or don’t eat) and how you feel, what you think, what you crave, how it affects the whole of you!

1)At the start of your fast, what do you imagine your sacrifice to be? Physically? Emotionally? Spiritually?

2)When you think about that “sacrifice” can you put a picture in your head of what it looks like?  Give it shape and form. Does it look like a Twinkie (I like Twinkies, obviously) or an anvil in your gut? Does it look threatening or comforting, the thing you are sacrificing?

3)If you could name in JUST ONE WORD the goal of your fast, what would it be?

4)Going through your fast, keep a journal. Write down how your answers to the above questions change as you progress. No one needs to see this but you so be honest with yourself.  If you want to quit then write about that. If you want to cheat then write about that. If you feel great then write about that! It doesnt’ have to be long, just a sentence or two.

Are you embarking on a fast this month?? Speak out! Would love to walk alongside…



February 11, 2012

Daily Juice: Mandarin Madness

When I think of mandarin oranges I always picture those little tins with the pull tops stacked up in my grandmother’s pantry. The oranges were packed in syrup.

Heavy Syrup.

And they were delicious to my 7 yr old palate. Truth be told they would be delicious to my 44 yr old palate as well but I steer clear, way clear. Instead, I’ll buy the big bag of easy to peel mandarin oranges whenever I see them at the store. Putting them into juice will net you a less tart citrus addition than its sunshine-y cousin of the Navel Orange. It is a rich flavor, especially when combined with other juices.

This recipe is all sweet and sassy.  If you want to green it up a little more and also add some liquid (it can be a little thickish) then add a half cucumber. The “green” factor at this point comes only from the addition of green apple and kiwi. . Even so, it’s healthy and delicious…and it is not in heavy syrup, so there’s that.

Sweet and Sassy

1 (or 2) Kiwi- peeled

2 mandarin oranges – peeled (add more if you’d like)

1 green apple

(optional: half cucumber)

February 7, 2012

do anything…

I have a 14 year old and a flight of stairs in my house. The stairs are very steep and my daughter is very helpful. In this way I have been able to go through entire days without even stepping foot upstairs until at least the bedtime shuffle rolls around. Then there is no avoiding it. Because none of my boys like to go to bed I find I end up running up and down those stinking steps about 7 times during the bedtime hours.

Last night I got to thinking about those trips up and down the steps. It’s a nice little burst of movement after a day typically spent writing/schooling/chaffeuring (read: sitting down.) Your situation might differ from mine but since I’m home all day with all of my kids I can’t get out to the gym or even to grab a run as often as I’d like. I CAN make time for it. I just DON’T.

The number one problem we face these days in keeping fit is moving enough. A great percentage of us drive everywhere, order in groceries and shopping and dinners, live on a single level or use our stair masters and treadmills to hang our laundry. For normal people who don’t already have a penchant for daily dedicated exercise routines it is VITAL that we move.




One great idea is to pick up a pedometer and see where you’re starting. Are you moving already and just don’t realize it? Don’t automatically put yourself in my category of “I don’t move enough” because you may be doing MORE than you think!  Keep track this week of how you move, when you move and when you avoid moving. Can you take the steps instead of the elevator (or instead of asking your 14 year old?) Can you walk to the dry cleaner? Can you take three trips to carry in groceries and get your heart rate up a little? Exercise can be fun…aaaaaaand often it isn’t. Stop looking at the “go to the gym for an hour” idea as “working out.”

Your life is your workout. Pay attention to that. Do what you have to do.

{Do you have a suggestion for how you ‘get moving’ in your day? Share it!}

February 6, 2012

Daily Juice: Green Goodness

Daily juice: 1gala apple/1 green apple/bunch parsley/1 cucumber/half lemon

If you want to really green it up add a cup of spinach as well. It doesn’t change the taste much and gives you a shot of awesome for your body!