Daily Juice: Mandarin Madness

When I think of mandarin oranges I always picture those little tins with the pull tops stacked up in my grandmother’s pantry. The oranges were packed in syrup.

Heavy Syrup.

And they were delicious to my 7 yr old palate. Truth be told they would be delicious to my 44 yr old palate as well but I steer clear, way clear. Instead, I’ll buy the big bag of easy to peel mandarin oranges whenever I see them at the store. Putting them into juice will net you a less tart citrus addition than its sunshine-y cousin of the Navel Orange. It is a rich flavor, especially when combined with other juices.

This recipe is all sweet and sassy.  If you want to green it up a little more and also add some liquid (it can be a little thickish) then add a half cucumber. The “green” factor at this point comes only from the addition of green apple and kiwi. . Even so, it’s healthy and delicious…and it is not in heavy syrup, so there’s that.

Sweet and Sassy

1 (or 2) Kiwi- peeled

2 mandarin oranges – peeled (add more if you’d like)

1 green apple

(optional: half cucumber)


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