Building the core…

How to build that strong core!


You know what you need?

A strong core.

We hear a lot about building a strong “core” and for good reason. If your “core” muscles are strong it means your body is getting the support it needs to keep you moving through your busy life! Try this sequence of movements to help build that vital part. Do this group of movements slowly and with purpose. Focus on keeping the “core” muscle engaged- abdominals, obliques, glutes.

The Core Movements:  Stone Table, Red Sea, Tent


Move through this sequence first opening up on the left side, then do the right side to keep things balanced and even. Try to master these three “Core” movements first, moving through smoothly and confidently. Once you have these down, add in some intensifiers for example:

1) Rather than beginning in Stone Table, begin the sequence in Standing at the top of your mat. Hinge…

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