I know a lot of healthy people, some are gym rats while others are couch potatoes, some are vegan, others omnivore.  I like to think I fall somewhere square in the middle of it all. I like to think MOST of us fall somewhere square in the middle of it all.

And so, I’m working on pointing out the middle ground as I encounter it. I’m a normal person, a middle of the road person. I’m not super fit but I am healthy. I’m not a gym rat but I am an ACE certified personal trainer. I’m not a vegan/vegetarian, I’m a delishatarian. I’ll choose the delicious as often as I’m able.

Drama Free Fitness is my attempt to share what I know and what I am discovering about healthy living without being obnoxious about it. If that’s something that interests you then come along for the ride. Toss in your 2 cents as we go. We’ll all get rich.

It’s stone soup for the soul around here.

I’m a social media addict  devotee …you can find me all over the interwebs.

Find me on-

Instagram: @mrsmetaphor

Twitter: @mrsmetaphor





Mrs Metaphor (where I write about things other than fitness…)

DoxaSoma (where I write about DoxaSoma…)

Nearly Orthodox (where I write about becoming and being Orthodox)

www.angeladollcarlson.com (where I link to my many varied gigs…)


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