Juicing 101

So here you are, just minding your own business and then suddenly “juicing” is all up in your face. You see it online. You hear someone talking about it in the coffee shop at the table next to you. It sounds interesting and maybe a little intimidating. It also sounds a little obnoxious, you know, like trends can sometimes sound.

The more you consider it the more you think that maybe it might be an easy way to lose some weight or cure some illness or treat some symptom or get more veggies in your diet if nothing else.

I have no idea if juicing will do those things for you. If that’s what you want then I hope it all works out for you but basically I juice because I like it. Sometimes it’s as creative as I get in the kitchen.

This is a page of thoughts, tips and what have you’s and it’s evolving. If you have something to add. Shout it out. No need to raise your hand.

I own and operate a Breville Juice Fountain Diecast Elite. She’s a beauty.

I did a little research on the different brands of juicers but push come to shove I confess I ended up buying this one because it’s the one Joe Cross uses in his documentary “Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead.” It might be a shallow way to pick a juicer but it’s the best I can offer.

When you choose your own lovely juicer you can check this page out for descriptions of brands and this one which describes TYPES of juicers.  Just figure out what you need and want…ease of cleaning, best volume of juice, long-term sturdiness, amount of pulp in juice, ease of use. I juice once a day most days and up to three times a day at most (like once a year I’ll do that, don’t judge) so I wanted to have something easy to clean and sturdy. I’d steer away from combo machines unless they are top notch combo machines. It’s a juicer, not a swiss army knife.


There are loads of recipes for juices online and in big fat books. They will often tell you about the nutrients offered, the pairings of different fruits and veggies, the attributes of each particular juice and sometimes the acidity and neutrality of the juice. That’s all very helpful but I’m not that organized. I don’t grocery shop from recipes, although I know I SHOULD, ugh. But generally I don’t. So I become the queen of substitution where meal cooking is concerned.  Often I’ll look at juicing recipes and think, “well, I have MOST of those…” so in the end what I’ve come to is to experiment mainly with fruits and veggies I know I like. Some recipes are hit, some are miss. It’s a gamble, just like life.  My advice- find a few standard recipes you like….easy ones like Carrot/Apple or Cucumber/Lemon/Green Apple and then branch out a little at a time. If you hate drinking the juices you make you won’t do it for long, I promise you that.

To see the juice recipes compiled CLICK HERE


A few easy things to keep in mind as you get started. These are not scientific facts. These are things I learned by juicing day after day for a length of time. Take it or leave it.

  • Juicing leafy vegetables like Kale produces a little bit o juice from a lotta leaf. Juice those first in a recipe and remember it’s sort of jam packed with nutrients. Don’t let the amount get you down.
  • Juice harder fruits and veggies at a higher speed if you have that option. It’s easier on the juicer in the long run.
  • Don’t FORCE something through your juicer. Nobody likes to be bullied.
  • Clean your juicer right away. You won’t want to but learn from my bad habits and just do it. Make this your mantra: Prep/Juice/Clean up/Drink
  • Some fruits and veggies SHOULD BE PEELED first, most don’t have to be. Just a few examples to PEEL from my live and learn archive-  mango (also pit first), sweet potato and beets.
  • Don’t juice bananas. Just don’t. It’s way too soft. You can blend it into a juice if you want the taste but that’s another step in the process so generally I don’t do it. That’s why God made the Vitamix blender…smoothies are their own special brand of yum in my book but hey, do whatever works for you.
  • Drink water. Lots of it. Just because you’re drinking juice doesn’t mean you can skip the H20. For every glass of juice you drink I’d follow it with a glass of water.  Things can get a little, shall we say, congested, if your body isn’t used to juicing yet. Drink the water, thank me later.
  • Beets are beautiful, vibrant root vegetables…ALL THE WAY THROUGH YOUR BODY…at least when you first start juicing them. Make a note that you’re taking in beets so you don’t get really concerned a little later during your private time and end up doing search strings online involving the words, “blood, stool, cancer.” You’re welcome.

The last thing I’ll say about Juicing is, of course, an ongoing theme on this site. Don’t be obnoxious about it. Talk about it if someone asks, ask about it if someone mentions they do it but remember that not everyone digs it. It IS a little crunchy and we all might be a pack of weirdos for doing it on a regular basis. Let’s just all be okay with that, shall we? The proper response to someone saying “Oh, I could NEVER juice!” is “I know what you mean.” and then chuckle a little, using one of those “I’m totally ok with you and I’m totally ok with me” kind of chuckles.  To each his own.


3 Comments to “Juicing 101”

  1. just wanted to say that i’m enjoying this new page … i am a juice virgin and come 1st January am hoping to make juicing a part of my everyday life … so your helpful and amusing tips and combination ideas are most welcome, keep them up please!!

  2. We use an Omega VRT, (stands for vertical). It’s a masticating JUICER and we love it. Before that (and my sweet friend that has cancer is now borrowing), we have used a GreenLife for about 6 years. Have used and had a Champion JUICER for about 10 years. They all have their pluses and minuses.

  3. Thanks for the helpful info on juicing! We saw “Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead” last year and, for a week, instead of juicing, ate only the fruits and vegetables that would have been juiced. But now we’re giving the reboot a go, with the long term goal replacing a meal with a daily juice. We just got the Breville juicer and had our first juice today. Love it! Can’t wait to try some of the juices posted on this site.

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